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5 fascinating wellness spots in Asheville, NC

Asheville, North Carolina; an artistic town rich in locally sourced dishes, diverse culture and wellness attractions. Browse Trip Advisor, and you'll find an overwhelming list of spas to choose from. While most are pretty great, there are a few that are specifically fascinating because of their unique treatments, breathtaking architecture, or both.

Asheville Salt Cave

The concept of the Asheville Salt Cave is quite simple; you relax for 45 minutes in an unworldly room composed of large, Himalayan salt chunks. Everything in the cave is completely natural, including the water features that actually feed the salt, allowing it to grow. Since materials only come from nature, bacteria cannot manifest itself in the salt, making it a truly purifying experience.

The 9 foot walls are covered in a cascade of crystal-like salt rocks, while ambient light protrudes through, creating a rather calming effect. The floor is composed of loose polish and Dead Sea Salt which provides reflexology treatment to the feet.

Salt therapy improves circulation, respiratory function, immune strength, brain health, sleep quality while reducing stress, migraine occurrence, allergies, snoring, infections and digestive issue, just to name a few.

Wear comfortable clothing and prepare to relax in zero gravity chairs or cuddle up with provided blankets on the floor. Little ones are welcome to experience the caves benefits as well.

The Omni Grove Park Inn

If swimming in a mineral pool surrounded by cave-like walls, waterfalls, fiber optic stars and underwater music sounds like the ultimate spa day, then the Spa at The Omni Grove Park Inn may be right up your alley. The pool is just the tip of the iceberg; gender specific lounges feature a sauna, steam room, inhalation room, contrast pool, and vanity area complete with all the luxury toiletries you could need. Little extras like iced towels infused with essential oils and lounge snacks from nuts to teas make the experience extra special.

If you are on a romantic vacation, you can lounge together in the coed area, complete with several additional mineral pools, hot tubs with massaging waterfalls, and a heated outdoor pool with a gorgeous mountain view. Try to be there at sunset.

A variety of treatments are available in addition to spending the day enjoying spa amenities. However, you dont need to book a massage to enter, a day pass can be purchased if you just want to swim in the pools or detox in the sauna.

Still Point Wellness

If you are a fan of the Netflix hit show, Stranger Things, you already know what a sensory deprivation tank is. While it likely wont take you to alternate realities, real life float tanks can give your senses much needed rest by removing external distractions.

While Still Point offers your typical spa services such as massages, their flotation tank, which looks like something out of a sci-fi movie, is their most intriguing amenity. Before entering the somewhat intimidating metal room, an instructor carefully informs you and makes time for any questions you may have about the experience, then into the tank you go.

A half ton of Epsom salt allows the body to immediately float on the surface of the body temperature water. The area is dark and earplugs are provided to remove all sensory distractions. Your body taps into a deeply relaxed state as you feel somewhat cradled by the water itself. For some, its a deeply spiritual experience, one of concentrated relaxation.

This floatation practice dates back ages; people traveled to places like the Dead Sea to reap the healing powers. Travelers still retreat to the area today. Sensory deprivation floating eases anxiety and pain, making it a popular alternative to traditional treatment and an amazing addition to a spa getaway.

Shoji Spa

Built around nature to inspire and rejuvenate, Shoji Spa delves into the calming nature of Japanese culture. Thermal, outdoor hot tubs are one of the center focuses of Shoji, as hydrotherapy is known to have rehabilitative and relaxing effects. While the warm water literally melts away stress, you are surrounded by nature and views of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

A cedar hot sauna, cold plunge pool and warm teas are part of the ancient therapy regimen at Shoji, and a variety of massages from deep tissue, Shiatsu to Thai, accompanied with Japanese herbal treatments, further relax the body and soul.

Gingergrass Bamboo Scrub, Hinoki Oil, and Japanese Grapefruit oil are some of the exotically luxurious items used during your massage or body treatment. You can also book a stay in one of the few cozy suites, but since there are only three, youll need to plan ahead.

Bend and Brew

What started as a simple concept in Asheville has boomed into a full-blown phenomenon. Bend and Brew started under the notion that craft beer and yoga simply belonged together, and if youve ever been to Asheville, you understand the mentality. If I could describe Asheville in three words, Id say Artistic, wellness and food, and Ill toss beer into the food category.

Bend and Brew is a yoga group, so to speak, that moves around to different breweries, hosting a yoga class then tasting beer afterward. Tying beer into yoga makes exercise an even more rewarding experience. This quirky notion also brings people from one group of interests to another. Its just really fun.

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The benefits of flying private over business class

Many people consider business class or first class to be the epitome in luxury travel as they dont consider flying privately as a viable option. Traditionally the cost of chartering a private jet has always been viewed as prohibitive, and though in many cases it will be higher than first or business class, in many instances the price difference may not be as high as imagined. There are also a host of benefits that tend to be overlooked, which when added together can offset any extra cost for a lot of travellers. If you are a frequent business or first class traveller that has never considered flying private, here are some of the benefits that you are missing out on.

Its time saving

Though travelling business class is undoubtedly a n upgrade on luxury and comfort, it certainly doesnt save you any time over a standard airline ticket. You still have to arrive a couple of hours before take off, go through the same tedious check in procedures and suffer the extensive security checks.The number one benefit heralded by anyone who has flown privately is always the amount of time it saves. You set your own schedule for departure then simply arrive shortly before that time and board the plane at your leisure. It saves time at either end as well because you can fly into virtually an airport in the world rather than the huge out of town ones that commercial flights use.

You have complete freedom of choice

When you charter your own flight you have complete control over the catering. Whether you want to have something from the menu of your favourite restaurant, or a specific dish that you love to have when you travel, it can all be accommodated. This option to customise extends far beyond just food though, you can also choose what plane you fly on and what facilities you require it to have giving you the ability to tailor it exactly to your needs. Granted, you get a whole lot more flexibility with business class over a standard ticket, but flying privately is out on its own when it comes to your choice.

The cost can be comparable

Most people believe that the cost of flying privately is definitively prohibitive, but there are a few instances where it may work out comparable to business class. Clearly just comparing the price of a single business class ticket versus chartering a private jet will result in a vast price difference. However, if you are purchasing business class tickets for a group of friends, a work cohort or a large family, the cost of hiring your own plane might not be that much dissimilar. In some instances it may even work out cheaper, and so its well worth getting a quote to check. When you also take into account the huge time savings as well as the savings you could make by leaving from and arriving closer to your destination, you may see the value in a new light.

Flying privately is great for business flights

Private charters are the perfect choice for business flights for various reasons. There is absolutely no wasted time as you can utilise your flight time to work without restriction - use your phone, seamless wifi, hold business meetings with colleagues all without any privacy concerns - essentially its your own office in the air. You can also minimise any disruption to your working week by jetting to and from your meeting within a single day, which isnt always possible when you are relying on the schedule of a commercial airline.

Its hassle free

Business class may feel like the lap of luxury while you're on the flight, but you still have to deal with all of the hassle before you board and when you touch down. So boarding may be expedited, but you still have to arrive early and wait around in the lounge for the scheduled time. Flying privately youll avoid all of those annoyances and be up in the air within minutes of arriving at the airport. You could be relaxing in the sun on the beach or skiing down that piste hours before the scheduled flight has even taken off with absolutely no stress in getting there.

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